The Wobbly Challenge of Raft

I have an interesting challenge. The Wobbly Interface Devices and Mindreading Robots I’ve been making all work by sensing very small subconscious muscle movement – Ideomotor Responses – in order to interact, read minds, and measure particular kinds of imaginative skills. I’ve been invited to speak at an amazing event in October called Raft.


The challenge is that the event takes place on a boat which will of course be somewhat wobbly. This wobble would most likely interfere with my devices so I need to develop some ways around that issue.

It may be possible to use the inherent wobble of the boat itself to create a resonance-based experience. I have some ideas that I’ll be working on over the next couple of months.


Well, that was a great event. Wonderful performers, fascinating speakers, some old friends, and another boat crashed into ours just after we’d had a talk about pirates from one of the authors of The Misfit Economy!

There’s a great video of the day here…

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