Definitely Not My Dad’s Best Trick

This week I went to the funeral of my great-aunt Rene, a wonderful woman, probably the nicest, and certainly one of the funniest, human beings I’ve ever known.

I saw family who I haven’t seen for some time and discovered the grave of my great-grandfather Frank “The American Hammer” Beynon.

I chatted with my cousin Ian who, as it turned out, had recently watched my TEDx talk about the mystery surrounding the very first magic trick I ever saw.

Here’s the video…

Ian has now solved the mystery of who showed me this trick because he remembers the moment very well. It was his father, my uncle, Bill who performed the trick for us while reciting “Two Little Dickie Birds”.

Ian remembers me watching him do the trick a couple of times then screaming, “I know how you do it!” and leaping to grab his hands. He remembers me dangling from Bill’s outstretched arm desperate to see if my theory was correct. Bill, to his credit, didn’t tell me how the trick was done.

I was 5 or 6 years-old at the time. This moment changed my life.

By the way, the simple trick that Bill showed us is not the same simple trick that I do in the talk.

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