The Mindreading Web


For the past eight years or so I’ve been involved in a number of projects that attempt, in different ways, to genuinely divine the thoughts of an individual or of an audience.

These projects have involved collaborations with the BBC, NESTA FutureFest, The Pennsylvania State University, Aalto University, and as Magician in Residence at Pervasive Media Studio and The University of Bristol.

Along the way, I’ve researched the emerging field of Thought Identification Technology, designed methods for applying Cold Reading to Big Data, created the mindreading robot IdeoBird, prototyped the imagination-measuring device OuijaBird, and fooled over 700 organisations using The Forer Scam just to prove a point.

Now these projects have all contributed to a new area of research that we are calling The Mindreading Web.

A great deal of human communication is subconscious yet the existing web is designed to support only conscious communication. Recent developments in Thought Identification Technologies are opening up new ways of interacting, playing, working, and learning that use our subconscious responses.

We will be launching the Mindreading Web research network with a workshop at MozFest 2014 to consider the potential of The Mindreading Web. Come along and join in.

What will The Mindreading Web feel like?

How do we best design mindreading objects, systems, and networks?

What are the risks and challenges of such technologies?

Initial topics of research will include:

– Thought Identification Technologies

– The Internet of Subconscious Things

– Big Data and Cold Reading

– Mindreading A.I and Robotics

– Security, Privacy and The Mindreading Web

– The Mindreading Web and Entertainment

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