CogNovo – Off the Lip 2016

I’ve recently been working with CogNovo, a multi-national doctoral training network that offers research training in Cognitive Innovation, both as a new field of scientific investigation and as a strategy for research and innovation. This is exciting for me because it feels like I’m using all of my skills and pulling together all of my interests – biology, innovation, magic, attention control, cognition.

In the time honoured tradition of intellectual trading between the art of magic and the science of psychology we’ve been planning a number of different experiments and workshops.

Experiments in Sonified Magic,
A series of experiments that will involve me manipulating a sonified ball to track how my sleight of hand fools the eye and the mind.

Ideomotor drawing workshop, reading minds and muscles
What do spiritualist séances, lie detection and mathematically gifted pigs have in common?

The phenomenon of ideomotor movement, a psychological enigma in the 19th Century has a colourful history.
I’ll be hosting a drawing workshop that will explore the phenomenon of these unconscious, micro muscle movements and how we can read, record, and technologically detect them. We’ll be exploring how muscle reading and the techniques of automatic writing can help us to think about drawing practices, as well as the relationship between conscious thought, action and the imagination.

The art of deception, an introduction to Sly-Chi
It’s often said that seeing is believing, but many experiments and psychological phenomena are testimony to the fact that we don’t really see the world the way that we think we do. Exploiting the gaps in our visual system, and the way in which attention can be controlled, is at the heart of illusion.

I’ll be hosting a workshop that will explore slight of hand conjuring and leading attention as well as demonstrating some of the methods I’ve has developed with sports people that can help us develop skills to resist deception. In this workshop participants will be invited to explore how we can deceive the grand illusion that is created by our visual system, as well as controlling our own attention.

You can learn more about these activities here.

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