Designing The Magical #2: The Automatic Flute Player of the Banû Mûsâ

  You must know, my brother, that the essence of magic and its reality is whatever by which intellects are bewitched, and whatever to which souls surrender through speeches and actions that produce astonishment, submission, attention, hearing, consent, obedience or acceptance. – from the Rasa’il Ikhwan al-Safa’, 10th century CE   In the Southern corner[…]

Teller: Blockchain Fortunetelling

“Don’t believe in fortune but don’t live without fortune.” – Turkish Proverb I have recently been designing Teller, a blockchain system that can be used as a permanent, immutable record underlying any act of fortune-telling. During an act of fortune-telling, users can rate their Tellings as Good or Bad Luck, and as Accurate or Inaccurate. In this way,[…]