Teller: Blockchain Fortunetelling

“Don’t believe in fortune but don’t live without fortune.” – Turkish Proverb I have recently been designing Teller, a blockchain system that can be used as a permanent, immutable record underlying any act of fortune-telling. During an act of fortune-telling, users can rate their Tellings as Good or Bad Luck, and as Accurate or Inaccurate. In this way,[…]

Political Magic

Recently, as part of a performance at HOME in Manchester, I succeeded in identifying the cards that two people were thinking of by listening carefully while they shouted the names of other random cards at me, the audience repeatedly chanted “FAKE NEWS!!! FAKE NEWS!!!”, and a band onstage with me played a rousing version of[…]

The Magic Squirrel

The central secret of conjuring is a manipulation of interest. – Henry Hay I’m reading the neuroscientist Michael Graziano. He tells this story of a patient of a psychiatrist friend of his… This patient was delusional: he thought that he had a squirrel in his head. Odd delusions of this nature do occur, and this patient[…]