Keynote Speaker

“The best impossibilities happen in the hands of the audience.”

Stuart Nolan has been giving keynote talks since 1997 for a range of industries including broadcasting, games, advertising, digital security, and the creative industries.

He takes the audience on an intellectual and emotional journey that propels them to a new place with a new outlook and a new commitment.

There are always illuminating and memorable stories from Stuart’s adventures in the worlds of the Impossible but what changes people and stays with them is the astonishing things he shows the audience they can do.

They genuinely read the mind of the person next to them.
They use a robot to explore their own subconscious thoughts.
They create a startling order out of messy and hilarious chaos.
They interpret The Strangest Thing They Have Ever Seen.
They change their perception of the Impossible.

Stuart’s talks are based on original proprietary research that is only shared with a small number of clients. The exceptions to this are when he works in collaboration with research organisations or academic institutions and publishes in scholarly journals.

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